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World Class Technology Consulting

Panhandle Information Technology is an area leader in providing reliable and cost-effective technology support managed services to quickly resolve sporadic or persistent technology problems, annoyances, and difficulties faced by your businesses in today’s increasingly complicated technology reliant world.

By using remote assistance, combined with onsite service we are able to provide the most cost effective, and high availability assistance with servers, devices, and workstations.

The approach is to use the best local people with in depth knowledge, while leveraging level three engineering resources for the most difficult tasks to reduce our customers downtime, increase productivity, and lower costs by up to 20%.

Panhandle IT will provide the most scalable, flexible, and revenue positive technology support available in the Amarillo and surrounding area either through a flat rate managed services solution, or an ad-hoc service structure.

Call today to get a complimentary consultation, so we can better learn about your business, needs, and goals, and leverage that knowledge to build a solution that will provide a service level that no other provider in town can.

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Old or New we know the technology that you use. The technicians at Panhandle Information Technology have been working with bits and bytes since the 1980s and have seen almost everything out there. While we may not actually have worked on the Colossus in Bletchley Park, pictured to the left in 1943, we have worked on some old hardware - and software. This knowledge of the nuts and bolts helps us understand the root reason that your iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac is having problems. We handle everything from network cabling and design to custom PC and server builds. 

We know HIPAA and PCI and will work to keep your network and data secure. If we find a security, PCI, or HIPAA violation, we will inform you of the issue and what need to be done to remediate it. We research vulnerabilities and security solutions so that you don't need to - freeing you up to do the work you should be doing.

We understand that security solutions, such as antivirus, vary in quality - not just between applications but from year to year as well. What may have been the best solution 3 years ago may well be among the worst now. We don't stick to outmoded and obsolete solutions just because that's what we've always done; we'll recommend what is best for your company right now. 

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